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Euba, A.; Paschos, E.; Mattner, B.; Storr, U. (2016): Motivation zur Prävention im Kindesalter als Basis für eine nachhaltige Zahngesundheit – Das Augsburger Modell. In: Gesundheitswesen, Vol. 78, No. 2: pp. 103-106
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Oral health promotion programs have been shown to be more effective the earlier they are started. In the city of Augsburg, the activities of the School Dental Service were replaced by a cooperation model in 2001, which provides a reasonable combination of group and individual dental prophylaxis. Three epidemiological evaluations show continuously increasing rates of natural healthy primary teeth in preschool children of all population groups. The Augsburg cooperation model "child and youth dental health" represents a practice-oriented approach in accordance with the new German prevention law.