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Rack, A.; Belohradsky, B. H.; Grantzow, R.; Schweinitz, D. v.; Pfluger, T.; Kammer, B.; Girschick, H.; Horst, D.; Wintergerst, U. (2016): Inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT)-surgical cure of an inflammatory syndrome. In: European Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 175, No. 7: pp. 903-908
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We report on four female adolescents, who presented with inflammatory symptoms. Extensive diagnostic workup revealed tumors on different locations. After surgical removal, clinical and laboratory signs of inflammation disappeared rapidly. On histology, the tumors showed a mixture of inflammatory cells characteristic of inflammatory pseudotumors in three of the patients. Conclusion: In patients with unclear inflammatory symptoms, inflammatory pseudotumor should be added to the differential diagnosis.