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Stimmelmayr, Michael; Edelhoff, Daniel; Beuer, Florian; Schweiger, Josef; Zangl, Michael; Gueth, Jan-Frederik (2016): Schrittweises Vorgehen bei komplexen Implantatbehandlungen. In: Implantologie, Vol. 24, No. 3: pp. 297-311
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Objectives: Presentation of a systematic procedure for the restoration of complex implant supported restorations was the goal of this case report. Complex cases include all fields of modern dentistry as conservative, periodontal, surgical, orthodontic and restorative treatments. Hence, only a systematic treatment plan and approach can show a predictable outcome. Materials and Methods: The presented case shows a patient with a severe dental condition. Besides solid decay lesions, insufficient fillings and root canal treatments, a general periodontitis and a loss of the vertical dimension because of missing teeth could be observed. By means of a two year lasting systematic therapy a fixed dental prosthesis could be delivered. For this purpose some tooth extractions, fillings, redo of root canals, periodontal treatment, hard and soft tissue augmentations, placement of implants and the restorative procedure had to be done. Results: The result of this complex systematic restorative treatment was the delivery of an implant based fixed dental prosthesis by saving a maximum of natural teeth and preservation of tooth structure. Conclusions: Complex treatment therapy is time consuming. However, a predictable result can be achieved by keeping a maximum of natural teeth.