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Nicolai, T.; Schramm, D.; Hammer, J.; Eber, E.; Eich, C. B. and Hinrichs, B. (2016): Bronchoskopie bei Kindern. Positionspapier zur rationalen Indikationsstellung und sicheren technischen Durchführung. In: Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Vol. 164, No. 3: pp. 218-230

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Pediatric bronchoscopy is a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tool in the hands of experienced physicians, in particular pediatric pulmonologist and in anesthesia and pediatric intensive care. A large body of publications exists with regard to the indications, results, safety, side effects and sedation or anesthesia for this procedure;however, as for many other long-established diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, no prospective controlled studies in the sense of evidence-based medicine are available for many practical aspects of the technical details of this procedure. This is unlikely to change in the future as such studies for well-established techniques are difficult to envision for many reasons (e.g. ethical, parental acceptance and financing). It is therefore the aim of this paper to summarize the current knowledge and report a consensus by experts in the field regarding rational indications and safe technical performance of pediatric bronchoscopy.

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