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Hofer, P.; Brandau, L.-M. and Mützel, E. (2016): Rechtsmedizinische Aspekte der Kindesmisshandlung. In: Radiologe, Vol. 56, No. 5: pp. 432-437

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Clinical issue. The prevention and clinical diagnostics of maltreatment of children and adolescents represents a great challenge to all medical disciplines concerned;therefore, an interdisciplinary collaboration is indispensable. Diagnostics. Medicolegal experts require specific radiological examination methods for the differentiation between accidental and non-accidental injuries, depending on the corresponding point in question. In addition, a clear and structured radiological appraisal of the findings is necessary. On the other hand, radiologists require an appropriate succinctly phrased question from the medicolegal expert. Practical recommendations. A close collaboration between radiologists and medicolegal experts is mandatory for a better recognition of cases of child abuse;therefore, the joint establishment of diagnostic standards and a comprehensive implementation is necessary.

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