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Wirth, K.; Zielinski, P.; Trinter, T.; Stahl, R.; Mück, F.; Reiser, M. and Wirth, S. (2016): Umstellung der internen Leistungsverrechnung (ILV) auf DRG-Anteile. Beispiel der Computertomographie einer universitären Radiologie. In: Radiologe, Vol. 56, No. 8: pp. 708-716

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In hospitals, the radiological services provided to non-privately insured in-house patients are mostly distributed to requesting disciplines through internal cost allocation (ICA). In many institutions, computed tomography (CT) is the modality with the largest amount of allocation credits. The aim of this work is to compare the ICA to respective DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) shares for diagnostic CT services in a university hospital setting. The data from four CT scanners in a large university hospital were processed for the 2012 fiscal year. For each of the 50 DRG groups with the most case-mix points, all diagnostic CT services were documented including their respective amount of GOA" allocation credits and invoiced ICA value. As the German Institute for Reimbursement of Hospitals (InEK) database groups the radiation disciplines (radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy) together and also lacks any modality differentiation, the determination of the diagnostic CT component was based on the existing institutional distribution of ICA allocations. Within the included 24,854 cases, 63,062,060 GOA"-based performance credits were counted. The ICA relieved these diagnostic CT services by a,not sign 819,029 (single credit value of 1.30 Eurocent), whereas accounting by using DRG shares would have resulted in a,not sign 1,127,591 (single credit value of 1.79 Eurocent). The GOA" single credit value is 5.62 Eurocent. The diagnostic CT service was basically rendered as relatively inexpensive. In addition to a better financial result, changing the current ICA to DRG shares might also mean a chance for real revenues. However, the attractiveness considerably depends on how the DRG shares are distributed to the different radiation disciplines of one institution.

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