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Ficklscherer, A.; Pietschmann, M. F.; Bendiks, M.; Roßbach, B. P. and Müller, P. E. (2016): Klinische Versorgung von Rupturen der Rotatorenmanschette. Aktueller Stand der Zelltherapie. In: Orthopade, Vol. 45, No. 2: pp. 143-148

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Due to the increasing demand for functionality in an aging yet physically active society, the treatment of rotator cuff tears is of ever-growing importance. Despite intensive research efforts, the treatment of degenerative rotator cuff tears, in particular their long-term outcome, is still a challenge. While in recent years the focus was on biomechanics and the technical aspects of rotator cuff reconstruction, attention has now turned to the biological considerations of tendon regeneration. This article highlights the current state of biological rotator cuff augmentation in a clinical setting and provides an insight into and an outlook on the experimental procedures.

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