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Bauer, K.; Graw, M.; Schick, S.; Willinger, R. and Peldschus, S. (2016): Rechnergestützte Rekonstruktion von Fahrradunfällen. Ermittlung von Kopfbelastungen und Kopfverletzungsrisiken. In: Rechtsmedizin, Vol. 26, No. 2: pp. 109-114

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Bicycle riders still represent a particularly vulnerable group of road users. Head injuries are of particular relevance when it comes to bicycle accidents. The detailed reconstruction of bicycle accidents, especially the physical parameters of the head impact, has often previously been very difficult. Numerical models and simulation methods (e.g. multibody simulation and finite element simulation) provide the possibility to reconstruct the kinematics of the bicycle rider as well as the head loads and head injury risks. This allows accident analysis questions as well as forensic biomechanical questions to be answered. With appropriately reconstructed accidents it is also possible to assess and optimize the protective potential of bicycle helmets in order to contribute to future improvements in the safety of cyclists.

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