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Lehn, C. and Graw, M. (2016): Identifizierung einer skelettierten „Kofferleiche“ aus Berlin. In: Rechtsmedizin, Vol. 26, No. 5: pp. 429-435

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Skeletonized human remains of an elderly, unknown man, packed in a suitcase, were found in Berlin, Germany. Determination of geographical whereabouts and living circumstances of the unknown person was possible by stable isotope analyses of the bio- and geo-elements (H, C, N, S, Sr, Pb) in teeth, bones and hair. After the man had been identified, it was possible to compare the statements of the isotope report with his life history. It was found that the isotope data correspond well with personal living conditions, not only with respect to geographical whereabouts and dietary habits during different stages of life, but also to health status during the last months of life.

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