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Nentwich, M. M.; Pleyer, U.; Schaller, U. C. and Klauß, V. (2016): Internationale Ophthalmologie und Reisemedizin. In: Ophthalmologe, Vol. 113, No. 1: pp. 83-92

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Medical eye care in developing countries is very different from the situation in industrialized nations. In order to prevent rising numbers of blind people worldwide due to increased life expectancy and population growth, the global initiative Vision 2020 "The Right to Sight" was established in 1999. Coordinated initiatives are important as most causes of blindness are either preventable or curable (e. g. cataract surgery);however, due to a lack of resources eye care in developing countries cannot implement all necessary preventive and therapeutic measures at present. The epidemiology of causes of blindness and the situation of ophthalmic care are discussed. Because of increased mobility of people and goods (e. g. air travel and trucking), imported eye diseases are of increasing importance. The difference between travel medicine, which deals with the medical situation of travelers and international ophthalmology (i. e. diseases in tropical countries) is discussed and illustrated on the basis of several important disease patterns.

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