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Thurau, S. and Pleyer, U. (2016): Differenzialdiagnose der anterioren intraokularen Entzündung. In: Ophthalmologe, Vol. 113, No. 10: pp. 879-891

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Anterior uveitis is a potentially sight-threatening disease, which affects either one or both eyes. Although the etiology is not fully understood, important associations with systemic diseases and infections have been established. A thorough clinical investigation with the slit lamp may reveal important findings leading to diagnosis and therapy. Additional diagnostic procedures are usually required only with the occurrence of relapses. Most anterior uveitis cases with an underlying autoimmune etiology respond very well to topical steroids and mydriasis while systemic treatment is rarely needed. In contrast, infectious causes typically require systemic medication. Anterior uveitis has a good prognosis if treated adequately despite some complications like cataract, macular edema, or increase of intraocular pressure, which cannot be prevented in all cases.

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