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Magistro, Giuseppe; Strittmatter, Frank; Herlemann, Annika; Weinhold, Philipp; Stief, Christian G. and Gratzke, Christian (2016): Minimally Invasive Treatment for Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: the Prostatic Urethral Lift. In: Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports, Vol. 11, No. 2: pp. 134-139

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Male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are one of the most common non-malignant conditions afflicting quality of life in aging men. Treatment modalities for bothersome LUTS consist of pharmacotherapeutic and surgical options. There is particular interest in the development of minimally invasive procedures showing good efficacy with a favorable safety profile. An innovative technique offering rapid and durable relief without compromising sexual function is in great demand. The prostatic urethral lift represents a promising minimally invasive approach for the relief of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) with few adverse events. The principle includes the application of retracting implants under cystoscopic guidance to unobstruct encroaching lateral lobes of the prostate. Clinical trials have confirmed improvement in LUTS with preservation of sexual function. The prostatic urethral lift appears to be a promising addition to the current repertoire of minimally invasive treatments for the management of LUTS.

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