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Leto, Ketty; Arancillo, Marife; Becker, Esther B. E.; Buffo, Annalisa; Chiang, Chin; Ding, Baojin; Dobyns, William B.; Dusart, Isabelle; Haldipur, Parthiv; Hatten, Mary E.; Hoshino, Mikio; Joyner, Alexandra L.; Kano, Masanobu; Kilpatrick, Daniel L.; Koibuchi, Noriyuki; Marino, Silvia; Martinez, Salvador; Millen, Kathleen J.; Millner, Thomas O.; Miyata, Takaki; Parmigiani, Elena; Schilling, Karl; Sekerková, Gabriella; Sillitoe, Roy V.; Sotelo, Constantino; Uesaka, Naofumi; Wefers, Annika; Wingate, Richard J. T. and Hawkes, Richard (2016): Consensus Paper: Cerebellar Development. In: Cerebellum, Vol. 15, No. 6: pp. 789-828

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The development of the mammalian cerebellum is orchestrated by both cell-autonomous programs and inductive environmental influences. Here, we describe the main processes of cerebellar ontogenesis, highlighting the neurogenic strategies used by developing progenitors, the genetic programs involved in cell fate specification, the progressive changes of structural organization, and some of the better-known abnormalities associated with developmental disorders of the cerebellum.

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