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Sazykin, I. S.; Sazykina, M. A.; Khmelevtsova, L. E.; Mirina, E. A.; Kudeevskaya, E. M.; Rogulin, E. A. and Rakin, A. V. (2016): Biosensor-based comparison of the ecotoxicological contamination of the wastewaters of Southern Russia and Southern Germany. In: International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 13, No. 3: pp. 945-954

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


To assess the ecotoxicological and sanitary situation in two European metropolis, Rostov-on-Don (Southern Russia) and Munich (Southern Germany), wastewaters of the two cities were examined with a panel of bacterial lux-biosensors: Vibrio aquamarinus VKPM B-11245, Escherichia coli MG1655 (pXen7), E. coli MG1655 (pRecA-lux), E. coli MG1655 (pSoxS-lux), E. coli MG1655 (pKatG-lux), E. coli MG1655 (pIbpA-lux), E. coli MG1655 (GrpE-lux), E. coli MG1655 (pFabA-lux). The presence of different genotoxic compounds and substances with the oxidative and membrane-damaging effects was revealed in contaminated wastewater with the applied panel of the lux-biosensors. The integral toxicity was approximately the same in both cities but demonstrated opposite trends. The presence of genotoxicants and peroxides was higher in the majority of the Munich wastewater samples. There were also differences in the presence of individual toxicants. The presence of the genotoxic compounds might also promote development and dissemination of several antibiotic resistance traits found in microorganisms, a feature more pronounced in Rostov-on-Don wastewaters. By means of polymerase chain reaction assay, antibiotic resistance genes to such antibiotics as ermB, vim and vanB were revealed in two Munich samples. Antibiotic resistance genes were present at all Rostov samples, and genes ndm, vanA, vanB and ermB were found. Taken together, the proposed analytical approach with the application of the constructed panel of biosensors can be applied for monitoring of the ecotoxicological contamination in the wastewaters of large cities.

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