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Bucher, J. N.; Schoenberg, Markus B.; Freytag, I.; Lange, U.; Hofmann-Thiel, S.; Guba, M. O.; Werner, J.; Eder, A.; Schelling, G. and Stangl, M. (2016): Donor-derived tuberculosis after solid organ transplantation in two patients and a staff member. In: Infection, Vol. 44, No. 3: pp. 365-370

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Because of global mobility and migration resulting in a growing diversity of the donor pool, the risk for donor-derived tuberculosis in solid organ transplant recipients becomes more and more relevant, even in countries with a low overall tuberculosis incidence. Here, we describe a case series of donor-derived tuberculosis in 2 of 3 solid organ transplant recipients and one medical staff member in Germany resulting in the death of one recipient. This case series highlights the relevance of this topic to clinicians. It advocates for a better communication between organ procurement organizations and transplant centers regarding donor information and transplant recipient outcome. Furthermore, it underpins the necessity for a standardized critical incident reporting system in the german transplant system to improve short- and long-term recipient's safety, health and survival.

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