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Hornung, S.; Glaser, J. and Weigl, M. (2016): Hierarchical Status and Job Idiosyncrasy in Formalized Organizations: A Field Study on Hospital Physicians. In: IEEE international Conference On industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Ieem), Vol. 2016: pp. 316-320

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Job idiosyncrasy refers to deviations between formal and actual job design, attributable to changes by the job incumbents. Research on idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) focusses on special arrangements negotiated by individual employees with employer representatives (e.g., supervisors, management). This structure-oriented analysis examined the role of hierarchical status in negotiating personalized work tasks, career support, and working time flexibility. A survey study of N = 155 hospital physicians confirmed that higher ranking employees were more likely to request and negotiate more far-reaching task and career i-deals. Flexibility i-deals applied mostly to part-time work. Differences in attributed reasons for successful negotiation existed, such that higher ranks emphasized own contributions and value. Denied task i-deals was the strongest negative predictor of job satisfaction, aside from a positive effect of career i-deals. Influences of gender and part-time on negotiation outcomes were explored. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.

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