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Janning, M.; Müller, V; Vettorazzi, E.; Cubas-Cordova, M.; Gensch, V; Ben Batalla, I; Eulenburg, C. zu; Schem, C.; Fasching, P. A.; Schnappauf, B.; Karn, T.; Fehm, T.; Just, M.; Kühn, T.; Holms, F.; Overkamp, F.; Krabisch, P.; Rack, B.; Denkert, C.; Untch, M.; Tesch, H.; Rezai, M.; Kittel, K.; Pantel, K.; Bokemeyer, C.; Loibl, S.; Minckwitz, G. von and Loges, S. (2016): Serum carbonic anhydrase IX as predictive marker for efficacy of bevacizumab: a biomarker analysis from the GeparQuinto phase III neoadjuvant breast cancer trial. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 39: p. 185

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