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Liedtke, C.; Gluz, O.; Nitz, U.; Christgen, M.; Sotlar, K.; Grischke, E.-M.; Forstbauer, H.; Braun, M.; Warm, M.; Hackmann, J.; Uleer, C.; Aktas, B.; Schumacher, C.; Bangemann, N.; Linder, C.; Kümmel, S.; Clemens, M.; Potenberg, J.; Peter, S.; Kohls, A.; Pelz, E.; Kates, R. E.; Würstlein, R.; Kreipe, H. and Harbeck, N. (2016): Comparison of 12 weeks neoadjuvant Nab-Paclitaxel combined with Carboplatinum vs. Gemcitabine in triple negative breast cancer: WSG-ADAPT TN randomized phase II trial. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 39: p. 53

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