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Fledrich, R.; Mannil, M.; Leha, A.; Solari, A.; Pelayo-Negro, A. L.; Berciano, J.; Schlotter-Weigel, B.; Schnizer, T. J.; Angarita, N. G.; Haberlova, J.; Mazanec, R.; Paulus, Walter; Beissbarth, T.; Walter, M. C.; Hogrel, J.; Dubourg, O.; Schenone, A.; Baets, J.; De Jonghe, P.; Shy, M. E.; Horvath, R.; Pareyson, D.; Seeman, P.; Young, P. and Sereda, M. W. (2016): Biomarkers in Charcot-Marie-tooth disease 1a. In: Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, Vol. 21, No. 3: pp. 256-257

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