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Treudler, R.; Franke, A.; Schmiedeknecht, A.; Ballmer-Weber, B.; Worm, M.; Werfel, T.; Jappe, U.; Biedermann, T.; Schmitt, J.; Brehler, R.; Kleinheinz, A.; Kleine-Tebbe, J.; Bruning, H.; Ruëff, F.; Ring, J.; Saloga, J.; Schakel, K.; Merk, H.; Holzhauser, T.; Vieths, S. and Simon, J. C. (2016): Double blind placebo-controlled allergen-specific immunotherapy with the hypoallergenic folded variant of rBet v 1-FV in birch associated soy allergy. In: Allergy, Vol. 71: pp. 56-57

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