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Berendt, Mette; Hülsmeyer, Velia-Isabel; Bhatti, Sofie F. M.; De Risio, Luisa; Farquhar, Robyn G.; Fischer, Andrea; Mandigers, Paul J. J.; Long, Sam; Matiasek, Kaspar; Muñana, Karen; Packer, Rowena M. A.; Pakozdy, Akos; Patterson, Edward E.; Penderis, Jacques; Platt, Simon; Podell, Michael; Potschka, Heidrun; Batlle Pumarola, Marti; Rusbridge, Clare; Stein, Veronika M.; Tipold, Andrea and Volk, Holger A. (2016): Epilepsie aktuell – Zusammenfassung der Konsenspapiere der IVETF zur Definition der Epilepsie, ihrer Klassifikation und der Terminologie sowie zur Genetik der Erkrankung bei Rassehunden. In: Kleintierpraxis, Vol. 61, No. 8: pp. 425-435

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In 2015, the International Veterinary Epilepsy Task Force (IVETF) published seven consensus statements that outline a number of recommendations and classifications on all aspects of epilepsy in dogs and cats. The open access publication is written in English. This article presents a summary of the consensus statements "IVETF consensus report on epilepsy definition, classification and terminology in companion animals" and "IVETF's current understanding of idiopathic epilepsy of genetic or suspected genetic origin in purebred dogs" in German language to inform German veterinarians and professional circles about new knowledge and innovations in these fields. In the first part of the article, it is explained, why a new classification system of epilepsy and a common language to describe the disease is necessary. The proposals of the IVETF regarding the classification system and the terminology are introduced. The second part of the article contains a short summary of the current knowledge regarding the genetic or suspected genetic origin of idiopathic epilepsy in purebred dogs.

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