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Mack, Julia K. and Kienzle, Ellen (2016): Fehlversorgungen in „BARF“-Futterplänen für einen Wurf Berner-Sennenhund-Welpen. Ein Fallbericht. In: Tieraerztliche Praxis Ausgabe Kleintiere Heimtiere, Vol. 44, No. 5: pp. 341-347

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Anamnesis: A litter of Bernese Mountain Dog-puppies (6 weeks of age) was meant to be fed a "BARF" (bones and raw food) diet. The breeder asked for advice regarding the nutritional adequacy of the feeding plans that she had compiled for the different growth stages. The anamnesis showed the puppies to be underweight for their age and expected adult body mass at the time of request for a ration check. The bitch had almost stopped lactating. Ration check: The review of the feeding plans for the different growth stages revealed a deficient energy supply for all stages and at times an inadequate protein supply. A highly inappropriate supply with calcium and phosphorus was found in almost all feeding plans. Sodium and potassium as well as the trace elements copper, zinc, manganese and iodine and several vitamins were deficient in some if not all of the feeding plans.

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