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Schneider, Marlon R.; Zhang, Shasha and Li, Peng (2016): Lipid droplets and associated proteins in the skin: basic research and clinical perspectives. In: Archives of Dermatological Research, Vol. 308, No. 1: pp. 1-6

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Lipid droplets (LDs), the major organelles handling fat storage, comprise a hydrophobic neutral lipid core surrounded by a phospholipid monolayer embedded with a protein miscellany. Although lipids of the stratum corneum are essential for the skin barrier, and progressive lipid accumulation culminating in cell disruption is the hallmark of sebaceous differentiation, only a few studies touched on skin LD and associated proteins so far. Here, after briefly introducing the basic facts about LD and associated proteins, we discuss how forthcoming studies may unveil novel players in skin lipid metabolism and candidate target proteins for treating skin diseases.

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