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Palmerini, E.; Bertolini, A.; Battaglia, Fiorella; Koops, B.-J.; Carnevale, A. and Salvini, P. (2016): RoboLaw: Towards a European framework for robotics regulation. In: Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 86: pp. 78-85

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This paper intends to sum up the main findings of the European project RoboLaw. In this paper, the authors claim that the European Union should play a pro-active policy role in the regulation of technologies so as to inform the development of technologies with its values and principles. The paper provides an explication of the rationale for analysing of a limited and heterogeneous number of robotics applications. For these applications, the following issues are addressed: whether robotics deserve a special case of regulation;the direct and indirect role ethics can play in regulating technology;the transformations of both vulnerabilities and capabilities, and the effects of liability law in favouring the socially relevant applications. In conclusion, a reflection on the possibility to generalize some of the RoboLaw findings to other technologies is proposed, with respect to liability and ethics. (C) 2016 Published by Elsevier B.V.

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