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Jakubassa-Amundsen, D. H. (2016): Relativistic theory for the elementary process of bremsstrahlung induced by heavy spin-zero nuclei. In: Physical Review A, Vol. 93, No. 5, 52716

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Doubly and triply differential cross sections for the bremsstrahlung emission by high-energy spin-polarized electrons in the field of heavy bare nuclei are calculated within a fully relativistic partial-wave approach at collision energies between 1 and 30 MeV. Investigating Pb-208 as a test case, it is shown that if the photons are emitted at backward angles, nuclear size effects may play an important role even below 10 MeV. Comparison is made with experimental data on the circular polarization correlations between incoming electron and emitted photon at a collision energy of 3.5 MeV. It is demonstrated that, independent of energy, the plane-wave Born approximation severely underestimates the cross section for heavy targets. Moreover, it gives at most a qualitative prescription of the polarization correlations, except possibly in the forward hemisphere.

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