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Gabor, Thomas; Belzner, Lenz; Kiermeier, Marie; Beck, Michael Till and Neitz, Alexander (2016): A Simulation-Based Architecture for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems. 2016 IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), Würzburg, Germany, July 18 - 22, 2016. IEEE Computer Soc.. pp. 374-379

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In order to accurately predict future states of a smart cyber-physical system, which can change its behavior to a large degree in response to environmental influences, the existence of precise models of the system and its surroundings is demandable. In machine engineering, ultra-high fidelity simulations have been developed to better understand both constraints in system design and possible consequences of external influences during the system's operation. These digital twins enable further applications in software design for complex cyber-physical systems as online planning methods can utilize good simulations to continuously optimize the system behavior, yielding a software architecture framework based on the information flow between the cyber-physical system, its physical environment and the digital twin model.

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