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Fürlinger, Karl; Fuchs, Tobias and Kowalewski, Roger (2016): DASH: A C ++ PGAS Library for Distributed Data Structures and Parallel Algorithms. In: Proceedings of 2016 Ieee 18th international Conference On High Performance Computing and Communications;Ieee 14th international Conference On Smart City;Ieee 2Nd international Conference On Data Science and Systems (Hpcc/Smartcity/Dss): pp. 983-990

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present DASH, a C++ template library that offers distributed data structures and parallel algorithms and implements a compiler-free PGAS (partitioned global address space) approach. DASH offers many productivity and performance features such as global-view data structures, efficient support for the owner-computes model, flexible multidimensional data distribution schemes and inter-operability with STL (standard template library) algorithms. DASH also features a flexible representation of the parallel target machine and allows the exploitation of several hierarchically organized levels of locality through a concept of Teams. We evaluate DASH on a number of benchmark applications and we port a scientific proxy application using the MPI two-sided model to DASH. We find that DASH offers excellent productivity and performance and demonstrate scalability up to 9800 cores.

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