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Zhou, Linfei; Wackersreuther, Bianca; Fiedler, Frank; Plant, Claudia and Böhm, Christian (2016): Gaussian Component based Index for GMMs. In: 2016 IEEE 16th international Conference On Data Mining (ICDM): pp. 1365-1370

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Efficient similarity search for uncertain data is a challenging task in many modern data mining applications like image retrieval, speaker recognition and stock market analysis. A common way to model the uncertainty of data objects is using probability density functions in the form of Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs), which have an ability to approximate arbitrary distribution. However, due to the possible unequal length of mixture models, the use of existing index techniques has serious problems for the objects modeled by GMMs. Either the techniques cannot handle GMMs or they have too many limitations. Hence, we propose a dynamic index structure, Gaussian Component based Index (GCI), for GMMs. GCI decomposes GMMs into the single, pairs, or n-lets of Gaussian components, stores these components into well studied index trees such as U-tree and Gauss-Tree, and refines the corresponding GMMs in a conservative but tight way. GCI supports both k-mostlikely queries and probability threshold queries by means of Matching Probability. Extensive experimental evaluations of GCI demonstrate a considerable speed-up of similarity search on both synthetic and real-world data sets.

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