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Han, Jiawei; Liu, Yanheng; Sun, Xin and Song, Lijun (2016): Enhancing Data and Privacy Security in Mobile Cloud Computing through Quantum Cryptography. 2016 7th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS), 26-28 August 2016. IEEE Computer Society. pp. 398-401

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A quantum cryptography security model in mobile cloud computing is proposed in this paper, so as to achieve highly-secure data and privacy cryptography in mobile cloud computing environment. In the model, quantum keys are distributed to users' phones through two phases. Firstly, existing classical optical network has been transformed as quantum distribution network conveniently through multiplexing technique, the BB84 quantum key distribution protocol realized based on decoy state is adopted;Then, the security authentication protocol based on the quantum keys and distance-bounding HKQ is put forward, and through the near field communication (NFC) technology, quantum keys are transmitted into the security storage area of users' phone in the trusted area;Mobile users can get access to data on the cloud through quantum secret keys, protecting users' data and privacy. Experiments in the real quantum cryptography environment prove the validity of the proposed QCMC model.

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