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Hoffmann, Eike Jens; Werner, Martin; Schauer, Lorenz (2016): Indoor Navigation Using Virtual Anchor Points. 2016 European Navigation Conference (ENC), 30 May 2016-2 June 2016, Helsinki, Finland.
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Indoor navigation and location-awareness are important and growing research areas due to the interest of mobile users in location-based services comparable to outside services. However, indoor positioning is a very hard task. Without installing dedicated hardware into a building, indoor positioning is a problem with inherent ambiguity. Using Wi-Fi signals to calculate location is a classical and successful approach for localizing mobile devices in buildings. With this paper, however, we provide support for proximity detection using Wi-Fi, which is considerably less ambiguous and still sufficiently useful for many indoor location-based services. Additionally, presence-based positioning has seen a boost in adoption due to the invention of cheap dedicated devices for localization including iBeacon and similar Bluetooth 4.0 beacons. We provide a concept called Virtual Anchor Point, which is a low-dimensional representation of the essence of a point in signal space providing a presence-based location-aware system.