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Nemoz, Christian; Kibleur, Astrid; Hyacinthe, Jean Noel; Berruyer, Gilles; Brochard, Thierry; Bräuer-Krisch, Elke; Le Duc, Geraldine; Brun, Emmanuel; Elleaume, Helene and Serduc, Raphael (2016): In vivo pink-beam imaging and fast alignment procedure for rat brain tumor radiation therapy. In: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, Vol. 23: pp. 339-343

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A fast positioning method for brain tumor microbeam irradiations for preclinical studies at third-generation X-ray sources is described. The three-dimensional alignment of the animals relative to the X-ray beam was based on the X-ray tomography multi-slices after iodine infusion. This method used pink-beam imaging produced by the ID17 wiggler. A graphical user interface has been developed in order to define the irradiation parameters: field width, height, number of angles and X-ray dose. This study is the first reporting an image guided method for soft tissue synchrotron radiotherapy. It allowed microbeam radiation therapy irradiation fields to be reduced by a factor of similar to 20 compared with previous studies. It permitted more targeted, more efficient brain tumor microbeam treatments and reduces normal brain toxicity of the radiation treatment.

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