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Huang, Xiaoyuan; Enßlin, Torsten and Selig, Marco (2016): GeV excess and phenomenological astrophysics modeling. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 718, UNSP 042029

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Predefined spatial templates to describe the background of gamma-ray emission from astrophysical processes, like cosmic ray interactions, are used in previous searches for the gamma-ray signatures of annihilating galactic dark matter. In this proceeding, we investigate the GeV excess in the inner Galaxy using an alternative approach, in which the astrophysical components are identified solely by their spectral and morphological properties. We confirm the reported GeV excess and derive related parameters for dark matter interpretation, which are consistent with previous results. We investigate the morphology of this spectral excess as preferred by the data only. This emission component exhibits a central Galaxy cusp as expected for a dark matter annihilation signal. However, Galactic disk regions with a morphology of that of the hot interstellar medium also host such a spectral component. This points to a possible astrophysical origin of the excess and requests a more detailed understanding of astrophysical gamma-ray emitting processes in the galactic center region before definite claims about a dark matter annihilation signal can be made.

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