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Amotchkina, Tatiana; Fattahi, Hanieh; Pervak, Yurij. A.; Trubetskov, Michael; Pervak, Vladimir (2016): Broadband beamsplitter for high intensity laser applications in the infra-red spectral range. In: Optics Express, Vol. 24, Nr. 15: S. 16752-16759
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We report on design, production and characterization of an extremely broadband multilayer beamsplitter, covering wavelength range from 0.67 - 2.6 mu m. The group delay dispersion has small oscillations in the above mentioned working range. We used a new algorithm with floating constants allowing us to obtain a smooth and near constant GDD. The optical element based on the beamsplitter is used for dividing a low-energy super-octave spectrum into several sub-spectral regions which are later amplified and coherently combined. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America