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Kharenko, Denis S.; Bednyakova, Anastasia E.; Podivilov, Evgeniy V.; Fedoruk, Mikhail P.; Apolonski, Alexander and Babin, Sergey A. (2016): Cascaded generation of coherent Raman dissipative solitons. In: Optics Letters, Vol. 41, No. 1: pp. 175-178

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The cascaded generation of a conventional dissipative soliton (at 1020 nm) together with Raman dissipative solitons of the first (1065 nm) and second (1115 nm) orders inside a common fiber laser cavity is demonstrated experimentally and numerically. With sinusoidal (soft) spectral filtering, the generated solitons are mutually coherent at a high degree and compressible down to 300 fs. Numerical simulation shows that an even higher degree of coherence and shorter pulses could be achieved with step-like (hard) spectral filtering. The approach can be extended toward a high-order coherent Raman dissipative soliton source offering numerous applications such as frequency comb generation, pulse synthesis, biomedical imaging, and the generation of a coherent mid-infrared supercontinuum. (C) 2015 Optical Society of America.

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