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Averin, Artem; Dvali, Gia; Gomez, Cesar and Lüst, Dieter (2016): Gravitational black hole hair from event horizon supertranslations. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, No. 6, 8

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We discuss BMS supertranslations both at null-infinity BMS and on the horizon BMSH for the case of the Schwarzschild black hole. We show that both kinds of supertranslations lead to infinetly many gapless physical excitations. On this basis we construct a quotient algebra A equivalent to BMSH/BMS- using suited superpositions of both kinds of transformations which cannot be compensated by an ordinary BMS-supertranslation and therefore are intrinsically due to the presence of an event horizon. We show that transformations in A are physical and generate gapless excitations on the horizon that can account for the gravitational hair as well as for the black hole entropy. We identify the physics of these modes as associated with Bogolioubov-Goldstone modes due to quantum criticality. Classically the number of these gapless modes is infinite. However, we show that due to quantum criticality the actual amount of information-carriers becomes finite and consistent with Bekenstein entropy. Although we only consider the case of Schwarzschild geometry, the arguments are extendable to arbitrary space-times containing event horizons.

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