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Kumar, Vinit; Bayda, Samer; Hadla, Mohamad; Caligiuri, Isabella; Russo Spena, Concetta; Palazzolo, Stefano; Kempter, Susanne; Corona, Giuseppe; Toffoli, Giuseppe and Rizzolio, Flavio (2016): Enhanced Chemotherapeutic Behavior of Open-Caged DNA@Doxorubicin Nanostructures for Cancer Cells. In: Journal of Cellular Physiology, Vol. 231, No. 1: pp. 106-110

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In cancer therapy, it is imperative to increase the efficacy and reduce side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs. Nanotechnology offers the unique opportunity to overcome these barriers. In particular, in the last few years, DNA nanostructures have gained attention for their biocompatibility, easy customized synthesis and ability to deliver drugs to cancer cells. Here, an open-caged pyramidal DNA@Doxorubicin (Py-Doxo) nanostructure was constructed with 10 DNA sequences of 26-28 nucleotides for drug delivery to cancer cells. The synthesized DNA nanostructures are sufficiently stable in biological medium. Py-Doxo exhibited significantly enhanced cytotoxicity of the delivered doxorubicin to breast and liver cancer cells up to twofold compared to free doxorubicin. This study demonstrates the importance of the shape and structure of the designed transporter DNA nanostructures for biomedical applications. J. Cell. Physiol. 230: 106-110, 2016. (c) 2015 Wiley-Blackwell.

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