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Mondes, V.; Antonsson, E.; Plenge, J.; Raschpichler, C.; Halfpap, I.; Menski, A.; Graf, C.; Kling, M. F. and Rühl, E. (2016): Plasmonic electric near-field enhancement in self-organized gold nanoparticles in macroscopic arrays. In: Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, Vol. 122, No. 6, 155

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


When plasmonic nanoparticles are incorporated into nanostructures and they are exposed to external optical fields, plasmonic coupling causes electric near-field enhancement which is significantly larger than that of isolated nanoparticles. We report on the plasmonic coupling in arrays of gold nanospheres (20 +/- 3 and 50 +/- 4 nm) prepared by colloidal chemistry and self-organization. This yields field enhancement in arrays with areas of several mm(2) and provides an alternative approach to lithographic methods for preparation of nanostructures for plasmonic applications. Gold nanospheres are surface-functionalized by organic ligands, which define the interparticle distance in the array upon self-organization of the nanoparticles. The experiments are accompanied by finite-difference time-domain simulations, which quantify the dependence of the field enhancement on the interparticle distance.

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