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Bastian, N.-U.; Batyuk, P.; Blaschke, D.; Danielewicz, P.; Ivanov, Yu. B.; Karpenko, Iu.; Röpke, G.; Rogachevsky, O. and Wolter, H. H. (2016): Light cluster production at NICA. In: European Physical Journal A, Vol. 52, No. 8, 244

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Light cluster production at the NICA accelerator complex offers unique possibilities to use these states as "rare probes" of in-medium characteristics such as phase space occupation and early flow. In order to explain this statement, in this contribution theoretical considerations from the nuclear statistical equilibrium model and from a quantum statistical model of cluster production are supplemented with a discussion of a transport model for light cluster formation and with results from hydrodynamic simulations combined with the coalescence model.

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