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Bednyakova, A. E.; Kharenko, D. S.; Podivilov, E. V.; Fedoruk, M. P.; Apolonski, A. A.; Babin, S. A.; Turitsyn, S. K. (2016): Towards generation of multicolor dissipative solitons in telecom range. 2016 International Conference Laser Optics (LO), June 27-July 1, 201, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


All-fiber cavity for synchronous generation of conventional and Raman dissipative solitons in the telecom spectral range is designed. Through extensive numerical modelling we demonstrate 2-wavelength complex with 10 nJ energy and <200 fs duration after compression. A comparison with the experimental results will be presented.