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Hofmayer, Maximilian S.; Hammann, Jeffrey M.; Haas, Diana; Knochel, Paul (2016): Cobalt-Catalyzed C(sp(2))-C(sp(3)) Cross-Coupling Reactions of Diarylmanganese Reagents with Secondary Alkyl Iodides. In: Organic Letters, Vol. 18, No. 24: pp. 6456-6459
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A cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling of diarylmanganese reagents with secondary alkyl iodides using the THF-soluble salt CoCl2. 2LiCl, which leads to the cross-coupling products in up to 92% yield, is reported. High diastereoselectivities can be reached in these cross-couplings (dr up to 99:1). Remarkably, rearrangement of secondary alkyl iodides to unbranched products was not observed in these C-C forming reactions.