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Peschke, Simon; Johrendt, Dirk (2016): The modulated structures of La2-xPrxO2MnSe2 (0 <= x <= 1) and La2-xNdxO2MnSe2 (0 <= x <= 0.6). In: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials, Vol. 231, No. 2: pp. 89-95
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The solid solutions La2-xPrxO2MnSe2 (0 <= x <= 1) and La2-xNdxO2MnSe2 (0 <= x <= 0.6) were synthesized in a NaI/KI flux between 800 and 900 degrees C. The selenide oxides adopt a ZrCuSiAs-related structure with modulated [MnSe2](2)(-)-layers which consist of a mixture of edge- and corner-sharing MnSe4/2-tetrahedra. The crystal structures are described with a (3+1)D model in superspace group Cmme(alpha 01/2)0s0. The modulation vector q can be-controlled by partial substitution of La3+ for Pr3+ and Nd3+ via the unit cell volume leading to, amongst others, (La0.55Pr0.45)(2)O2MnSe2 with alpha = 1/6, which allows the projection onto 3D space by using a simple sixfold a axis.