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Trapp, Oliver; Zawatzky, Kerstin (2016): Synthesis of Cryptochiral (R,R)-2,3-Dideuterooxirane as Stereochemical Reference Compound and Chemical Correlation with D-(+)-Glyceraldehyde. In: Israel Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 56, No. 11-12: pp. 1082-1090
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Chirality plays a pivotal role in chemistry and biology, e.g., structure-specific targeting in drug development or the lock-and-key theory of enzyme interactions. Determining absolute configurations of chiral molecules is essential to understanding such mechanisms and to developing chemical processes involving chiral compounds. In particular, this becomes obvious in the understanding of chemical reaction networks in the context of the origins of life. A stereochemical reference compound that can be correlated with sugars, amino acids, etc. is of great interest. Here, we present the synthesis of enantiopure (R,R)-2,3-dideuterooxirane, of which the absolute configuration has been unambiguously determined by foil-induced Coulomb explosion imaging, and the correlation with the configuration of D-(+)-glyceraldehyde.