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Klapötke, Thomas M.; Stiasny, Benedikt; Stierstorfer, Jörg (2016): Energetic Materials - Nitrated Phenyl Peroxy Anhydrides as Peroxide Based Explosives with Relatively High Densities and Thermal Stabilities. In: ChemistrySelect, Vol. 1, No. 13: pp. 4057-4061
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Nine different nitrated phenyl peroxy anhydrides were synthesized using two different strategies and crystal structures of two compounds were determined. Sensitivities of the compounds toward impact, friction and electrostatic discharge were measured and the thermal stability was determined. Some of the compounds are remarkable insensitive and they show relatively high thermal decomposition points for organic peroxides. Detonation parameters and performance data were calculated using the EXPLO5 program yielding performance values in the range of trinitrotoluene (TNT).