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Koole, M.; Frisenda, R.; Petrus, M. L.; Perrin, M. L.; Zant, H. S. J. van der; Dingemans, T. J. (2016): Charge transport through conjugated azomethine-based single molecules for optoelectronic applications. In: Organic Electronics, Vol. 34: S. 38-41
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The single-molecule conductance of a 3-ring, conjugated azomethine was studied using the mechanically controlled breakjunction technique. Charge transport properties are found to be comparable to vinyl-based analogues;findings are supported with density functional calculations. The simple preparation and good transport properties make azomethine-based molecules an attractive class for use in polymer and single-molecule organic electronics. (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.