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Rohr, Fabian von; Krzton-Maziopa, Anna; Pomjakushin, Vladimir; Grundmann, Henrik; Guguchia, Zurab; Schnick, Wolfgang ORCID: 0000-0003-4571-8035; Schilling, Andreas (2016): Field-induced transition of the magnetic ground state from A-type antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic order in CsCo2Se2. In: Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, Vol. 28, No. 27, 276001
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We report on the magnetic properties of CsCo2Se2 with ThCr2Si2 structure, which we have characterized through a series of magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements. We find that CsCo2Se2 undergoes a phase transition to an antiferromagnetically ordered state with a Neel temperature of T-N approximate to 66 K. The nearest neighbour interactions are ferromagnetic as observed by the positive Curie-Weiss temperature of Theta approximate to 51.0 K. We find that the magnetic structure of CsCo2Se2 consists of ferromagnetic sheets, which are stacked antiferromagnetically along the tetragonal c-axis, generally referred to as A-type antiferromagnetic order. The observed magnitude of the ordered magnetic moment at T = 1.5 K is found to be only 0.20(1)mu(Bohr)/Co. Already in comparably small magnetic fields of mu H-0(MM)(5 K) approximate to 0.3 T, we observe a metamagnetic transition that can be attributed to spin-rearrangements of CsCo2Se2, with the moments fully ferromagnetically saturated in a magnetic field of mu H-0(FM)(5 K) approximate to 6.4 T. We discuss the entire experimentally deduced magnetic phase diagram for CsCo2Se2 with respect to its unconventionally weak magnetic coupling. Our study characterizes CsCo2Se2, which is chemically and electronically posed closely to the A(x)Fe(2-y)Se(2) superconductors, as a host of versatile magnetic interactions.