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Shao, Shaofeng; Liu, Bin; Jiang, Fan; Wu, Hongyan; Köhn, Ralf (2016): Reversible P-N transition sensing behavior obtained by applying GQDs/Pt decorated SnO2 thin films at room temperature. In: Rsc Advances, Vol. 6, No. 100: pp. 98317-98324
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In this work, a GQDs/Pt decorated nanoporous SnO2 thin film with high crystallinity and nanostructure ordering is firstly fabricated in situ on a sensor device using water vapor hydrothermal treatment which then acted as an excellent acetone chemiresistor. Intriguingly, the nanoporous SnO2 thin film displays a regular change of sensing behavior with reversible transition from p-to n-type sensing as a function of acetone concentration (AC) and GQD content (GC) at room temperature. An AC-GC transition diagram has been created in terms of the gas sensing response. Accordingly, this will be a promising way to finding a versatile sensor system, by the precise control of the GQDs content on the SnO2 surface. The mechanism deriving from the acetone sensing transitions points out the nature of the materials.