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Patzak, Simon D. F.; Váňa, Jiří; Renner, Matthew A. M. and Heinrichs, Jochen (2016): Transfer of the leafy liverwort Xenochila from Plagiochilaceae (Lophocoleineae) to Jungermanniaceae (Jungermanniineae). In: Plant Systematics and Evolution, Vol. 302, No. 7: pp. 891-899

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Xenochila is a monospecific genus that has not yet been included in molecular phylogenies. Based on morphology it has been aligned with Plagiochilaceae. A chloroplast DNA phylogeny places Xenochila within Jungermanniaceae in a robust sister relationship with the monospecific genus Delavayella. Though outwardly disparate in form, Delavayella and Xenochila share the presence of multicellular parenchymatous propagules forming singly from leaf margins of specialized gemmiparous shoots, a papillose gametophyte surface, nearly undifferentiated stem cells, absence of underleaves and bracteoles, weakly to distinctly bifid female bracts that are slightly larger than the leaves, and long cylindrical perianths with a dentate mouth. With the addition of Xenochila, Jungermanniaceae include the genera Delavayella, Eremonotus, Jungermannia, Liochlaena and Mesoptychia.

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