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Donazzan, Alberto, Naletto, Giampiero, Pelizzo, Maria G., Cuccato, Davide, Beghi, Alessandro, Ortolan, Antonello, Belfi, Jacopo, Bosi, Filippo, Simonelli, Andrea, Beverini, Nicolò, Carelli, Giorgio, Maccioni, Enrico, Santagata, Rosa, Porzio, Alberto, Tartaglia, Angelo and Di Virgilio, Angela (2016): A network of heterodyne laser interferometers for monitoring and control of large ring-lasers. Interferometry XVIII, San Diego, California, United States, 28. August - 1. September 2016.

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The sensitivity achieved by large ring-laser gyroscopes will make it possible to detect faint relativistic effects related to the rotation of the Earths mass. This task requires a strict control of the ring cavity geometry (shape and orientation), which can be performed by a novel network of portable heterodyne interferometers, capable of measuring the absolute distance betweeen two retro-reflectors with a nominal accuracy better than 1nm. First steps have been taken towards the realization of this device and a starting prototype of distance gauge is under development and test

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