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Melzer, Roland R.; Bursic, Moira; Ceseña, Feliza; Dömel, Jana S.; Heß, Martin; Landmann, Sebastian; Metz, Martina; Pfannkuchen, Martin; Reed, Isaac; Meyer, Roland (2016): High decapod diversity revealed by minimal-invasive, short-term survey of Brijuni marine protected area. In: Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol. 25, No. 8: pp. 1559-1567
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In our short-term, minimal-invasive decapod assessment of Brijuni marine protected area (MPA) we recorded 66 species belonging to 20 families. These represent a large part of the basic stock of decapods of the northern Adriatic, including some rare species. Moreover, we use species accumulation curves and extrapolation models to estimate total species richness, and to determine the effort needed for a viable decapod biodiversity assessment. Comparison with faunistic literature on Adriatic decapods indicates high species richness for Brijuni MPA.