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Habjan, Jernej (2016): Slovenian Sociology of Literature and Slovenian National Poet: France Preseren between the Partisans, Dissidents and Theorists. In: Slavica Tergestina, Vol. 17: pp. 126-146
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In the 1960s, Boris Ziherl provided Slovenian sociology with its theoretical and institutional foundations-historical materialism and an academic department. After Ziherl, however, the two foundations have only grown apart, so much so that two recent studies had to assume an anti-institutional perspective to reaffirm (Ziherl's) historical materialism. Both these texts-Miklavz Komelj's book on Slovenian Partisan art and Rastko Mocnik's book on Preseren studies-intervene in Slovenian sociology of literature, which Ziherl helped found as well. I will hence address the key field shared by Slovenian sociology and literary criticism: Preseren studies. Ziherl's view of Slovenian national poet France Preseren was formed during and post WWII. His interwar Preseren is an adversary of German Romanticism, and his post-war Preseren is an ally of Hegel's anti-Romanticism. I will read the former with Komelj's Ziherl, and the latter, with Mocnik's.